1. Make sure your house comes with towels/linens
  2. Check if house is pet friendly if you have pets
  3. Have ample amount of water
  4. Sunscreen! Sunscreen! Sunscreen! 
  5. Shop at home for non-perishable items, grocery shopping at OBX
  6. Figure out how far of a walk the beach is from your house when you get there 
  7. Bring tent or umbrella for long beach days
  8. Bring games incase of bad weather
  9. Boogie boards/skin boards/balls/frisbees for beach 
  10. Plan to spend at least $20 for a good souvenir from Wings ( https://www.outerbanks.com/super-wings.html )
  1. Bring cash for tolls or find toll-free routes

This year, my family and I visited Corolla, North Carolina for our annual family vacation. Compared to the beaches of more tourist-attracting locations I have been to, such as Virginia or Myrtle Beach, OBX was a cleaner, less crowded, and more peaceful experience. I found myself able to relax and detach from the hustle and bustle of everyday life whether I was on the beach, spending time with family, or relaxing on our house’s porch. Corolla is about a 4.5-5 hour drive, depending on what time you leave and the traffic. You have the choice of renting a home closer to the beach front of the shore side, the latter usually being more affordable. For convenience, some rental companies allow you to put down a deposit and make payments ahead of your stay. Overall, our stay in the Outer Banks was a relaxing and fun experience for the whole family, this was our fourth year going and plan to next year as well!

Additional places to visit:

H2OBX  Waterpark: https://www.h2obxwaterpark.com

Historic Corolla Park: https://www.visitcurrituck.com/things-to-do/county-parks/historic-corolla-park/


Written by Tori Carter-Johnston