10. Women-to-Women | Co-Chairing Quadruplicity 2018

What a powerful day filled with many powerful moments, months of hard work by many seamlessly executed on February 2018; Robin Martin-Lawson and I, along with many wonderful volunteers pulled off an empowering Women's Conference: The Charlottesville Chamber of Commerce's Quadruplicity 2018. I wish I could describe the feeling of speaking to hundreds of women (and some men) and seeing 98% of them looking back at you and responding in some way to your words... a nod, grin, laughter, eye contact - it was unreal. I hope to experience that again.

9. Buyer Showout

By January 1, 2018 I already had three buyers set to close on their new homes, and I prettymuch maintained that momentum for most of 2018. In past years my services were equal parts listings and buyers, I have no complaints, I learned a lot about how I can do business better by working with so many buyers this year. It's humbling to be a trusted resource in the Charlottesville, VA real estate market and I'm anxious to continue these trends in 2019!

8. Contribution to Community| Fluvanna County Habitat for Humanity Board of Directors

This volunteer position is close to my heart and combines my passion for real estate with my passion to educate folks on homeownership while making a contribution to the community I live in that also supports my career as a REALTOR. My term actually starts in 2019 but I was recently voted in.

7. The Johnston's Great Adventure: Montego Bay, Jamaica

#FamilySummerVacay plus our oldest graduated, so, why not? It was an eye-opening experience for all three of our daughters, so many beautiful memories were made and also an appreciation for other cultures. As for my husband and I, we've been to Ja a few times in the past AND we also went back in October 2018! #OneLoveJamaica #WeLoveIt

6. A Love Like Ours| 15 Years and Counting

He's my middle school sweetheart, and this year we celebrated 15 years as husband and wife.

5. Her Confidence Is My Comfort

My daughter found herself this year, she discovered her voice, her style, her "her", and she's owned it like a boss ever since. Trying to help her have access to an educational environment that encourages and challenges her, we put her in a local private school that has been a positive experience...which, I feel, made her comfortable with being proud of who she is in her heart. As a mother I couldn't be more proud, I love her so much and admire her in so many ways. #ANCJ

4. Emily Couric Leadership Scholarship - Merit Scholarship Winner

She's just awesome and I'm so proud to be her mother! Nominated by leaders at Tandem Friends School alongside many other incredible young women from the Charlottesville area, my oldest won the Merit Scholarship which helped tremendously! We will forever be grateful to those at Tandem who believed in her, and those on the Emily Couric Scholarship Committee who saw what we still see in her today. This many years after her passing Emily Couric continues to touch the Charlottesville community, this foundation is one of many examples.

3. ...and Then She Graduated

This was probably one of the proudest/saddest days of my life, but definitely gets a #HellYeah The other proudest/saddest days of my life was when...

2. Howard University Gained Another Amazing Student

I could've died y'all... each day from graduation to move-in my heart (selfishly) broke a little bit but for all good reasons. This young woman helped raised this young mom, and together we learned how to be contributors to community in such a passionate way. Loving her from afar has been difficult because she's one of my everythings, but each day gets easier, and her happiness and contentment with this new lifestyle helps me see that she's where she needs to be. #iJustLoveHerSoMuchAndAmSoProudOfHer

1. Building "Casa de Johnston"

Want to challenge your love for your job, family, and life in general? Try selling a home, renting a temporary home, while building/buying your new home... AND YOU'RE THE REALTOR! Although this was an "interesting" process, the end result was something wonderful, and yes I'd do it again if given the opportunity. This is the home that we all had input on, a home in an area that we love, and, of course from a real estate perspective: is pretty freaking marketable should we want to sell it! #WeDidThat2018