Like, why am I really blogging?

As I type this post I’m wondering, “why an explanation”?  Social media platforms like Facebook, IG, Snapchat allow us to put our moods, thoughts, and daily lives out there, so why not use one of them to say what I have to say? My socials are so closely related to what I do in my career-life, yes, I’m a REALTOR – I help my clients buy and sell homes in the Charlottesville area, but my life is so much more than that, and my respect for my family, friends, peers, and community extend far beyond my role as a Real Estate Professional. 

I always say that I have the pleasure of representing the unique and quirky homes that this area has to offer… how fitting, lol! Because I feel I’m such a unique and quirky person who is fulfilled by what life has to offer.  I’m married to my middle school sweetheart, we have three beautiful daughters, I have a wonderful friend-circle, and my loving, large family is rooted in Crozet and North Garden and branches to areas all over Virginia (and beyond).  When I say “I’m selling home” in my professional life, I am truly selling what has been home to me all of my life.

I’ve overcome great loss in my family which led to a bout of depression, a fight that I now celebrate winning but I’m conscious that at any moment – something could trigger old feelings and put me back in that dark place (like the entire month of October).  My life is not perfect and because of the way I’ve lost friends, lost loved ones, and witnessed loss around me – I appreciate life on a different level but there is a great deal of fear that I live with as well.  I try not to dwell on the dark things because there’s so much to be happy for, the main thing being life. 

Like many, I struggle with work/life balance, weight-loss/healthy living, understanding differing opinions, and “am I enough” so, I guess my hope for this blog is to be relateable while informative, become a “person” in my community rather than just a home-selling-machine, and as usual – inspire and get inspired.  Y’all might read my posts and think “she is crazy as hell” but hopefully your reaction will be more like “she is real”.  Simply Roxy Blog has been a long time coming, like years… That’s something else I struggle with… perfection… to a fault!  If it’s not perfect or polished I hesitate to put it out there.  But my promise to myself in 2019 was to present my imperfect self and do so unapologetically, so here it is… Simply Roxy Blog aka My Beautiful Chaos aka the things that I find cool, important, or enlightening to share…which includes my passion for life, family, community, real estate, and all the uncategorized random “things”.  Enjoy!